Payday loan consolidation -How to stop paying payday loan legally?

Crystal winner of the first place in the Consumer Finance category ranking of the 50 largest banks, provides a service combining financial obligations into one consolidation loan. It is characterized by low costs and the possibility of obtaining additional funds for any purpose. There is interest-rate use and every customer has the opportunity to secure their loan thanks to several insurance packages. The consolidation of cash loans will allow you to repay only one convenient installment per month, instead of a few resulting from your debts.

How to stop paying payday loan legally?

One of the ways to stop paying payday loan legally is to apply for payday loan consolidation, just call the helpline and fill out the loan application together with the adviser. Learn more at

Then come to the nearest bank branch for a designated visit with pre-prepared documents. All formalities can be dealt with in just one day.

The Bank accepts the following sources of income:

  • contracts of employment (for an indefinite period of time), contract of mandate
  • pension
  • running your own business
  • running a farm
  • foreign income

In addition, each type of consolidation loan can be insured voluntarily using four insurance packages. In the case of events covered by the protection of the release, it is both the borrower and his family, before further regulation of the debt.

Consolidation loan with additional cash

You can forget to repay several installments a month when you decide to consolidate your debts

Crystal offers combining loans, cash loans, installments, and car loans. However, it is not possible to consolidate a loan or a mortgage, debits on the card or limits on the account. The maximum amount for which the borrower can apply is PLN 200,000 and the repayment period is from 6 to 120 months. The loan term of up to 120 months (10 years) applies to these liabilities, which are equal to a minimum of PLN 30,000. The fixed interest rate for loans over PLN 100,000 is 5.49% and the APRC in the same case is 13.22%.