How is a credit card?

With the growth of the financial market in Argentina year after year, a great variety of alternatives are appearing at the moment in which we want to obtain a certain credit. We will be able to find the well-known personal loans, also loans for the construction of houses and the pledge for cars. There are financing for companies and entrepreneurs of all kinds, that is, we have a wide range of options. But today we will concentrate the effort of the following analysis in trying to mention to every reader of this article the characteristics that currently have a credit that is done by means of a credit card with withdrawal of money.

Can you withdraw cash from a credit card?

Can you withdraw cash from a credit card?

For example, all the people who collect their salary every month through a bank that has an agreement with the Red Link will be able to access credits with their card, but the important thing is that yes or yes it must be pre-qualified by the banking entity. When you ask for this credit through ATMs, without having to make lines, bureaucracies or procedures, the money will be sent directly to your account instantly or in a few hours. How to know if I can ask for the credit? Consulting in the Homebanking of the bank where you are a client and inform him immediately. If it comes to benefits, these operations have many and some of them are:

  • At any time you can count on the money you need.

  • You request it even if you want from your home.

  • The money is withdrawn by cashier, from any point in Argentina.

  • When he receives the cash, he will buy everything he wants with him.

  • It has different credit variants, with options according to your need.

  • The rate charged on the capital is totally reduced.

How to take out loans with a credit card?

There are certain entities in the country that offer credit cards so that those who request them can then in thousands of businesses and businesses make purchases of goods or services with exclusive financing. A clear and well-known example is Tarjeta Naranja, which gives all its users and customers the plastic to spend on their daily lives on time, also gives them the possibility to request money through personal loans, on the spot and in a simple way. This credit as follows works:

  • Withdraw a sum of up to $ 3,000.

  • You can pay the amount withdrawn in up to 12 installments.

  • The rate has two key benefits: it is fixed and always in pesos.

  • If you want, you can pay the first installment with a deferral.

  • You must have at least 6 months as a customer of the card to ask for the credit.

  • The order can be made through the App of the card.

  • It is a simple procedure without doubts, and the money will be sent to your account, therefore you must indicate CBU.

How to get a cash advance with the credit card?

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Each bank has its credit card generally and the clients that have it allow them to withdraw money financed with it. For you to easily understand this we will use the example of the French Bank, which grants Visa Classic to its customers, a plastic to buy in thousands of shops, pay services with automatic debit, have assistance to your vehicle, among other things. And one of the functions of this card is that its customers can advance money at any time, either in ATMs in Argentina or abroad.

It has platforms at your disposal that with a credit card can lend you money like Pari Redc, which with a procedure that is done from start to finish on the internet can provide you with liquidity without having to go around or wait. Once you submit your application, they will contact you, choose the method of payment of your credit and transfer the money to your account. The details are:

  • It lends from $ 1,000 to $ 7,000.

  • Pay in up to 1 year if you want.

  • Simulation of Pari Redc the value of its quota.

  • Hundreds of credit cards are accepted.

  • The fee includes the principal plus interest and all taxes.

  • Add points for your operations to later have higher amounts in the credits.

What is the credit card PIN?

Credit cards count many of them with a PIN that is a key in 4-digit numbers whose main purpose is the security of operations. This means that each time you are going to make a transaction of any kind they will ask for it, you must indicate it and only in that way will the operation in question be confirmed. To be able to request your PIN and manage it, you must do it usually through Homebanking (depending on the bank) or through ATMs.

What is the code of the credit card?

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The code of a card is also made up of numbers, in this case 3 digits and they are indicated on the back of the plastic so that the owner can see them without problems. Emphasize that its main function is the security for those transactions where the card will not be present, such as online purchases from your home in any sales site.

To be able to extend your credit limit and thus be able to make more purchases or acquire goods that have a higher value what you should do is to contact only by phone with the bank that issued such plastic Visa and consult an adviser if you can do so or not, according to your qualification and also income level. If it is possible immediately by system they will enable it and will be allowed to spend more, but we always advise against this query to be careful not to spend more than what you will be able to pay without problems in the summary.

And we also now wish to invite you to know about personal loan proposals on the spot by quoting with us, allowing you to know more options throughout Argentina. You must mention for a credit what amount you want and how much time you can pay and so you will know different opportunities with the value of your fees.